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We specialize in orthopedic medicine including the treatment of sports, work, or age-related injuries and discomfort, or any other types of joint, muscle, or bone pain. If surgery is necessary, we pledge to be there for you before, during, and after surgery. We want to help you return to your normal daily activities as soon as possible.

We provide radiological testing and on-site medical supplies should you need a splint, brace, or cast applied. Our certified athletic trainers are available to advise you on taking care of your injury, not only now, but also in the future for preventative care. We have athletic trainers currently serving Houston High School and Collierville High School.

If necessary, we will contact your insurance provider(s) for pre-certification and file insurance claims on your behalf to ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from your healthcare coverage. We have representatives available to speak with you regarding billing or insurance concerns.

Learn about our services and specialties below and then call us in Arlington at (901) 430-8265, Collierville at (901) 861-9610 or Olive Branch at (662) 890-2663 to schedule an appointment, or you can request one online.

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